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Precision Polishing

Precision Polishing Division 

Biffignandi spa, a company founded in 1923, operates in the field of coated abrasives for nearly a century as a partner of the Swiss group "sia Abrasives" for the Italian market, where it is a leader in the distribution and conversion.

In 2010 biffignandi spa, in the logic of increasing specialization and growth, began a research & development project focusing in micro and superfinishing sector with innovative and structured microabrasives.
The new knowledge, research project, new products and services give birth to a new division in 2012 called: “Precision Polishing”.

The range of services and solutions for the Italian and international customers is highly focused to all the industrial applications that aim to micro finished surfaces with very high quality standards.


In Precision Polishing you can find  

  • A new and complete range of products of high quality both in performance and in consistency
  • The development and production of new innovative and structured microfinishing flexible abrasives
  • A new conversion for microabrasives products in a controlled environment
  • Technical and professional support at our technical center in Cassolnovo
  • Further improve flexibility and efficiency of customer service

ECC - Enviroment Controlled Conversion 

A new conversion for microabrasives products with dedicated machinery in a controlled environment, called ECC (Environment Controlled Conversion), in order to ensure the best conversion quality and prevent contaminations of the products, which are inevitable in an industrial conventional processing

Precision Polishing Partners 


An integrant and fundamental part is the technical commercial cooperation for Europe with the Japanese company "Mipox Corporation", leader in micro finishing in electronic markets